Refund & Cancellation Policy


All cancellation requests must be provided with at least 48 office office hour notice from your scheduled pickup day and time. The office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00-4:00pm. All requests must be submitted via email. Any cancellation requests given with less then 48 office hour notice may or may not be honoured. All approved cancellations for orders that have already been paid, will be issued a store credit, or a gift card for your next purchase without expiration and obligation.

Returns & Refunds


Our products are perishable, as such we do not accept returns, or refunds on any food that has left our building or that have been consumed. This includes frozen items, preserves, shelf stable items.

Our staff will show you your item before you leave so you can inspect it. They will also provide you with instructions on how to care for your item. Once the item has left the building, we are no longer responsible for the care and handling of your purchase. The Bakery is not liable or required to fix any damages caused by improper storage or handling of the items, or provide an exchange or replacement.

If you do not pick up your order, we will hold the item until the next business day. If the order is still not picked up, we will not be providing a refund in any form. If you choose to reorder for another date, you will be expected to pay for your order again. We cannot re-sell any pre-orders that are not picked up.

If there is something wrong with your item, please send us an email and we can look into how we can help! You must include photos, or return the item to the bakery for inspection within 1 day. We cannot guarantee a refund, exchange, or replacement or will be permitted or issued.

All approved refunds will be issued in the form of a gift card or online credit for your next purchase without expiration and obligation. A partial or full refund will be provided based off the circumstances of your item.

We do not accept returns on gift cards, cake toppers, candles or sparklers, or packaging.